Welcome to ONE® Brain & Spine Center®

It’s important to find brain and spine specialists you can trust to manage conditions affecting your brain, spine or nerves. You should feel confident that your neurosurgeon, orthopaedic surgeon or brain surgeon will offer you individualized and compassionate brain and spine care, as well as the latest in minimally invasive neurosurgery and brain treatment options.The ONE® Brain & Spine Center®, leading brain and spine center in Southern California, is dedicated to giving comprehensive, conservative and multidisciplinary approach for care for neurologic diseases, including brain tumors, aneurysms, orthopaedic and spinal problems. Our team is equipped to manage even the most complex cases and achieve the very best results.

Brain and Spine Treatments & Therapies

At the ONE® Brain & Spine Center®, we offer full range of surgical and non-surgical procedures for the treatment and management of brain and spine disorders, injuries or traumas, such as brain tumor, aneurysm, spinal tumor, pituitary tumor, degenerative disc disease. Our team of award-winning and fellowship trained neurosurgeons, brain surgeon, spine surgeons and orthopaedic spine surgeon have the experience in treating even the most complex cases and achieve the very best results. Below are some of the brain and spine treatments we provide: