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Pituitary Tumors and Treatments

Living with pituitary tumor or disorders can be very challenging because an excess or deficiency of any of the hormones can adversely affect the body’s functioning. Pituitary disorders often require medical attention from a pituitary center specialist. The pituitary gland is involved in the growth, development, maintenance and reproduction processes in the body. Therefore, […]

Innovative Invention Helps the Paralyzed Make Music

Last year certainly finished off with a bang with the invention of the “Brain Box”, a device that enables people with locked-in syndrome or other severe disabilities to make music by using their eyes. Brazilian-born composer Eduardo Reck Miranda is the man behind this astounding device that monitors brain activity through electrodes attached […]

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Traumatic Brain Injuries

Traumatic brain injuries (TBI) have at least 1.7 million reports each year, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. These injuries are a result of trauma to the head, leading to further damage to the brain. A large number of automobile accidents, sports injuries, and falls result in traumatic brain injuries.

Offering […]

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Research on Brain Freeze Could Lead to Chronic Headache Relief

The nearing of the ice cream truck jingle is ever more present as summer closes in on the spring season. Children and adults across the nation are giving in to those sugary temptations. That first cone of the summer can hardly all fit in your mouth at once but your ice cream desire doesn’t […]

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ONE Improves Patient Centered Care

Patient centered care is not a new thing. Emerging in the early 50s, this kind of health care became instantly popular and embraced by physicians more and more each day. Health Services Research conducted a study that examined relationships between physicians and patients and the levels in which engagement and activity were launched. The […]

Migraines Could be The Result of a Brain Abnormality

We have been asking questions about headaches and migraines for centuries. Are they related? Where do they come from? Do loud noises make them worse? While researchers and physicians worldwide have answered most of these questions, there is still much mystery to this occurrence. The medical team at ONE Brain and Spine Center, lead […]

Keeping a Clear Head With ONE

Waking up to a throbbing pain on one side of your head is anything but pleasing. Migraines can attack at anytime throughout the day and night, but most frequently arise in the morning. A staggering 36 million Americans suffer from migraines. According to the Migraine Research foundation, this is a one in four households […]

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Introducing ONE Brain & Spine Center

ONE Brain & Spine Center is the newest multi-disciplinary medical practice in Newport Beach, California. Burak M. Ozgur, M.D. and Todd W. Peters, M.D. are the two physicians at this state-of-the-art spine and brain clinic.

Dr. Ozgur is a neurosurgeon who focuses his practice on a conservative, minimally invasive approach to spine surgery. When diagnosing […]

An Inherent Gene Could Affect Sleep Patterns and Stimulate Migraines

Researchers from a Los Angeles migraine study report a mutation on a gene that appears to promote migraines and increase the risk of a sleep disorder. Printed in Science Transitional Medicine in May 2013, the study’s findings could help find a link between sleep problems and migraines. It could excite and make the processes […]

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Head Transplant Soon to be Surgical Option?

There are transplants made possible for anything these days. It only seems natural that scientists would be thinking about head transplants. It may seem difficult, if not impossible, but believe it or not, scientists have been experimenting with head transplants since the 1950s. Though ONE Brain and Spine Center does not perform such surgery, […]

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