Migraines Could be The Result of a Brain Abnormality

We have been asking questions about headaches and migraines for centuries. Are they related? Where do they come from? Do loud noises make them worse? While researchers and physicians worldwide have answered most of these questions, there is still much mystery to this occurrence. The medical team at ONE Brain and Spine Center, lead by Dr. Burak Ozgur, continues to research developments in migraine treatment and other therapies to better assist their patients. A recent Italian study may have come one step closer to solving some aspect of the problem.
Led by Dr. Massimo Filippi, the director of the Neuroimaging Research Unit at the University of Ospedale San Raffaele, the study began to try and understand the pathophysiological basis of migraines by using neuroimaging devices. On average, 300 million people suffer from migraines worldwide. Dr. Filippi understood this concern and looked deeper into past research.
Previous research studies found atrophy of cortical regions (outer layer) of the brain that processes pain. Dr. Filippi, and his team of colleagues, studied the cortical makeup (surface area and thickness) on people who suffered from migraines, and found that some these patients were likely to have some kind of brain abnormality from the time they were born. Other patients with the same condition developed these brain abnormalities over time.
Dr. Filippi’s previous research attempted to “define the nature of white matter lesions seen in patients with migraine, to assess the functional cortical changes that are at work to compensate for tissue damage.” With 81 participants, 63 who had migraines and 18 who did not, Dr. Filippi and his team found that the participants with migraines had a reduced cortical surface area and thickness which makes the brain process pain at a more severe level.
After the study, the team determined that migraine sufferers have “a sort of cortical signature” which makes them more vulnerable to pain and processing pain conditions. If the brain experiences some kind of disease it could lead to additional brain abnormalities.
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