New Drug Treatment for Osteoporosis

Nearly three million people are affected by osteoporosis in the United States, and 300,000 annual fractures are sustained because of fragile bones. With no cure on the market, patients usually turn to medication therapy of either Denosumab or Teriparatide.
The Denosumab drug helps block the cells that break down bone during the process of bone formation, while Teriparatide (also known as Forsteo) works to help create new bone. Past attempts to combine the two medications have been unsuccessful, until a research team out of Massachusetts General Hospital put them to the test.
In their study, researchers assigned 94 women who were post-menopausal and had osteoporosis to treatment of either a daily poll of Teriparatide, a six-monthly immunization of Denosumab, or the combination of both drugs for a 12 month period.
The participants were assessed at the beginning of their trails, as well as the three, six, and 12 month markers. After the testing, researchers found the combination of the two drugs was far better than taking either drug alone. The combination therapy also improved bone density. The femoral neck bone density rates improved by 4.2 percent, and just about 5 percent for bone density of the hip.
Benjamin Leder, lead author of the study days, “While additional studies are needed the results suggest that this combination may prove to be an effective osteoporosis treatment in women at especially high risk of fracture.
Since its conclusion, researchers have been developing new studies to test the safety and risks of the combination therapy. For those of us suffering from osteoporosis, however, this leap is greatly advantageous for treatment option.
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