Shocking Causes of Back Pain and Simple Tips for Relief

The fast-paced American lifestyle is filled with heavy workloads, tight deadlines, and accident-prone dispositions. The National Institutes of Health reports that eight in ten people will suffer from a back injury or back pain at some point in their lives. For many, these accidents or pain symptoms will be the result of something totally minor.
From being constantly hunched over our cell phones to the substantially heavy backpacks that our children bring home from school each day, back problems are becoming a normal part of American lifestyles. At ONE Brain and Spine Center, Dr. Burak Ozgur and the entire medical team work to correct these conditions and help each patient adjust their lives to better care for their spine. ONE Brain and Spine Center is the elite spine clinic in southern California and continues to offer the best treatment plans for our patients.
What seems to promise the answer to all of our questions could actually be a major factor to our back problems. By constantly looking down at our smartphones, sending emails, checking social media, or texting a friend, we are at a greater risk for back and neck pain.
Even when we’re at work and cellphone-free our backs are still at risk. Desk jobs put us in vulnerable positions. In fact, those expensive ergonomic chairs may not be all that helpful. The lumbar support may actually put you in more pain if they are not positioned correctly. Sitting for extended periods of time reduces blood flow to all parts of our body. Our spine takes on 30 percent more pressure when we sit and the discs that cushion our spine become squished. To alleviate some of this pain, stretch and walk around several times each day. Set a timer for every hour that you are at work. When the buzzer goes off go to the bathroom, get some water, or take a stroll around the office.
Another back pain culprit is stilettos or unsupportive shoes. When our feet are strapped into a heel, each step we take forces the toes to strike the ground. All of the weight and pressure is pushed to the front of the foot instead of being evenly distributed. This adds a lot of stress to our knees, hips, and back, increasing our risk of future injury.
Most women understand that high-heeled shoes are not great for their foot and spine health. However, many women will be surprised to learn that the wrong bra could be adding pain to their backs. Large-breasted women have significantly more weight on their front side and therefore tend to hunch over more. This leads to sore neck and back muscles. A racer-back bra is recommended for optimal spine support and it will cue the body to pull the shoulders back for good posture.
These small, everyday factors are seemingly unthreatening to our health. However, a deeper look reveals that they can actually cause more pain and little support. ONE Brain and Spine Center urges patients to adjust everyday elements to better improve their spine health.
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The advice and information contained in this article is for educational purposes only, and is not intended to replace or counter a physician’s advice or judgment. Please always consult your physician before taking any advice learned here or in any other educational medical material.

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