My wife was recommended to Dr. Ozgur for a spinal issue, and ended up undergoing surgery with him to correct. We found him to be be very competent, and he spent the time needed to figure out her difficult case. Dr. Ozgur had a great bedside manner, and his whole team was skilled and helpful – which made a difficult situation into a much more tolerable experience. Everyone was very careful and kept things in order, double checked everything, and made us feel well taken care of. We were impressed throughout the process of coming in as a new patient, to receiving and understanding a course of action, to the surgery itself. The surgery went well, during which Dr. Ozgur found an additional issue and corrected it within the same surgery (so no need to go through it all again!). Two weeks after the surgery, my wife is recovering quickly and feeling so much better. We are very happy with the results, and would highly recommend Dr. Ozgur.

Dr. Ozgur and his staff are my heroes. I had a severe herniated disc that ultimately fractured a section off that was floating around against my sciatic nerve. Needless to say, my PCP had me in a continuous (and unhelpful) cycle of x-rays, PT, and drugs. After a few years of this I finally escalated by demanding a MRI as this last episode had me laying on the ground (even at work) for months. I could not sit and I could barely walk. Long story short I was referred to Dr. Ozgur immediately. The initial consultation was very promising as Dr. Ozgur and his SA were confident my L5-S1 disc fracture could be extracted and that area tidied up. The team at One Brain & Spine (and especially Yulia) pushed me through to surgery within that very same week due to my pain level. I woke up after surgery (without pain) and was able to walk out of the hospital and SIT down to a dinner with my wife on the way home. First time in a long time. Life has been great since. Thank you guys!

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