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Dr. Ozgur is an outstanding doctor. I am an 86 year old man with spinal stenosis. I had pain in both legs and visited another doctor who said it was not worthwhile to do an operation. My Primary Dr. recommended Dr. Ozgur. During my appointment he discussed everything about the surgery. I had the operation in the morning and I was at home that evening. The staff is also outstanding and the appointments are within 5-10 minutes of scheduled time. I am now back to playing senior slo-pitch softball. Thank you to Dr. Ozgur, Erin his P.A. and Yulia, Office Mgr.
Dr.Burak Ozgur is one of the best Neurosurgeons. He uses state of the art equipment and his surgical skills are excellent. I am so pleased and happy with the outcome of my surgery. Dr. Ozgur performed a 3 level cervical neck fusion on me ftom C4 thru C7, with a very successful outcome. My family and friends are amazed at how well I am doing. I continue to improve, and I would not hesitate ti recommend Dr, Ozgur to anyone who needs spinal surgery. Thanks to him, I am getting the quality of my life back. I feel very blessed and appreciative to have him as my Doctor.
It has been 3½ months since my surgery, and I have become one of the patients who is now asking, “Why did I wait so long for the surgery?” I am now pain-free, and because I feel so well, my biggest problem is forcing myself to slow down and not try activities that are too strenuous for this stage of recovery. I would recommend Dr. Ozgur to anyone who is suffering from chronic back pain. He has given me my active life back!
I had severe sciatica with continuous pain down my right side and leg. I saw three different orthopedic surgeons for recommendations on treatments, as well as having two epidurals. Dr. Ozgur was the last surgeon I visited, and he recommended the less invasive surgery. Am I glad. I was home the same day as the surgery and up and about the next day. Much less than the other surgeons said I would need. I highly recommend Dr. Ozgur and his staff for the surgery and overall treatment I have received. Very professional and courteous and always in communication.
Excellent Care

Excellent Staff


Dr Ozgur gave me my life back. I can’t sing enough praise about my experience with him personally and his surgical skill. After suffering from a ruptured disc and stenosis, and the accompanying sciatica pain from hip to toe that immobilized me for 8 months, Dr Ozgur performed minimally invasive surgery and cured my problem. I was walking around right after surgery without pain and went home that same day. It was nothing less than a miracle. I thought my life was over, but instead, I have a new beginning at age 70. Also impressive were the consultations. Dr Ozgur actually sat and listened to what I had to say or ask. He wasn’t on the computer taking notes, looking at his watch or running out the door while listening. He was very impressive, as was Erin, his PA, who took the notes and answered every email I sent.I think it’s important to note that over the 8 months of suffering I had seen 2 surgeons, a pain management doctor, had 3 epidurals, had acupuncture, saw a chiropractor and taken every drug usually prescribed for pain – all to no avail. So, that’s why I say that being pain free is a miraculous gift from Dr Ozgur. I highly recommend his services without hesitation.
Dr. Ozgur performed minimally invasive surgery on my lower back on 4/2/15. After surgery, I had literally no pain… that is “0” pain! I am now two weeks post-op, and I still have almost no pain. Because my back is so messed up, I know I will never be totally free of pain, but Dr. Ozgur helped me to be in a very minimal amount of pain. I would recommend him to anyone who needs back surgery. He and his assistant, Erin, P.A., are wonderful and caring professionals.
Dr. Louis is awesome as a surgeon as well as very personable. When I first went to see him I immediately felt comfortable to have him do my surgery. Prior to surgery and post-op periods, he was very caring and responsive to my concers. As I expected the surgery went very well and all the back pain and associated sciatica pain thru my right leg totally went away within a day or two after surgery. I have recommended him to two friends with back issues. Dr. Louis has gained my confidence and respect as a surgeron.
Extremely concerned and competent staff is responsive to new patient questions and concerns. Staff help lead me to consultation with Dr. Ozgur who in turn introduced me to Dr. Peters. Diagnosis, plan of surgery and follow-up. Excellent! A great medical experience!
After several years of severe back pain, I was fortunate enough to receive a referral to Dr. Ozgur. Dr. Ozgur, P.A. Erin, Lisa and the entire staff were very professional, showed great concern for my welfare, and all showed a genuine interest in my getting better. Dr. Ozgur explained in great detail what my problem was. He then, very carefully and professionally explained what he was going to do to my spine in order to relieve my back pain.WELL, to my astonishment, the minimal invasive surgery was ultra successful. I awoke, knowing that what I felt was surgery pain and NOT back pain. It was and still is a miracle.I would recommend Dr. Ozgur and P.A. Erin to anyone that wants relief and fixed properly.This was indeed the most perfect medical procedure and recovery ever!Thank you all from the bottom of my heart!
Dr. Ozgur is amazing from start to finish. I couldn’t be more please and happy with my new lease on life.
Awesome. I have my life back. I barely have a scar. What an amazing surgeon. Dr. Ozgur is very caring. I will forever be grateful. Great staff too!
Best of the best! After interviewing all the top surgeons in the San Francisco Bay area and scheduling a surgery, Dr. Ozgur was referred to me by one of his patients. I flew down to Newport to get one final opinion of what the correct surgical procedure should be for my diagnosis. Within 5 minutes of my first visit, I knew he was the doctor I wanted to cut me open. I cancelled my surgery in San Francisco and booked it with Dr. Ozgur that day! His bedside manner, confidence and professionalism made me feel like I was in excellent hands. He took the time to walk me through the procedure and show me a model of what the final product would look like and that the procedure would be way less evasive than the one I was about to have in San Francisco. His support staff are incredible and are always available to assist with questions as they came up. I am thrilled that I flew all the way to Newport for my surgery! Thank you Dr. Ozgur, thank you. I continue to spread your name to others in need of the “best of the best” neurosurgeons out there! Thanks again!
I have had spinal stenosis that has progressively worsened and negatively affected my active lifestyle for the last 5 to 10 years, finally reaching the point where I could not stand up for more than five minutes at a time. Upon reaching Medicare age, I thoroughly researched physicians that would best take care of my condition. Wile I live over 40 miles away, I chose Dr. Ozgur. After my initial visit to his office and meeting his very professional staff, I knew I made the right decision. My surgery was two months ago and I have had absolutely no symptoms (sever numbness in feet, legs and buttocks) from the first time I stood in the recovery room. I was walking the neighborhood in no time and now can walk almost indefinite distances with no pain or numbness. I have enjoyed my post surgical visits with Dr. Ozgur and can’t say enough about his staff, both Erin (PA) and Lisa have been extremely professional and have always been very thorough with their responses to my questions. I have already recommended Dr. Ozgur to a close friend would highly recommend Dr. Ozgur to anyone suffering from back or neck pain.
Dr. Ozgur & Staff I am 85 years old and had back pain that lasted more years than I care to disclose. Dr Ozgur performed surgery, and I am now able to walk without pain and I feel great. I was up walking around in hours, spent one night in the hospital and was home the next day. If you are looking for a great surgeon, who takes the time to review your options, recommends the options to take, and explains the surgery procedures in plain English.Thank you Doctor Ozgur for your skill and competence. I have recommended you and your staff (PA Erin Gleckman – ET AL) to my friends and associates and will continue to do so in the future. I am very grateful for what you have done. God bless you all.
“Dr. Ozgur has a very professional and caring approach. Not only is he an amazingly competent surgeon, he exudes a confidence that is very reassuring. He explains all aspects of the procedure in depth and gladly answers all question before and after surgery. After suffering from spinal stenosis for over 20 years, my experience with Dr. Ozgur has definitely been life changing. After only 6 weeks post op., I am experiencing less pain and taking less meds than I have in 20 years. I would like to thank Dr. Ozgur, his Physicians Assistant, Erin, and his knowledgeable and efficient office staff for guiding us through this seemingly difficult experience.”
“Dr. Ozgur made me feel comfortable for the whole process, from the initial consultation (while I was in significant pain), through the surgery and recovery process. He always explained things to me with great detail, and every step of the process unfolded exactly how he described. On the day of the surgery he met with me before the surgery, and twice during the stay in the recovery room.”
“My surgery was May 23rd., and I’m happy to report very POSITIVE results. I was up walking around the house the next day and doing a 30 minute walk within the first week. I’m now walking an hour every day. I continue to follow the Dr’s orders about activity as I continue to heal. The entire staff have been great and most helpful now and prior to surgery.”
“Dr. Todd Peter’s knowledge and expertise gave me my life back. Prior to diagnosis and surgery I didn’t believe I would ever have a normal life again. Dr. Peter’s was the first orthopedic surgeon that actually listened to everything I had to say; he took the time to get to know me and what my life was like prior to this. He then developed a plan to resolve my issues and get me back on track. After surgery I was off all medications and back at work in 6 weeks. My physical therapist, who has over 35 years’ experience, was amazed at my recovery. I cannot say enough good things about Dr. Peters. Additionally his staff is the best there is when it comes to customer service, especially his medical assistant. Thank you Dr. Peters.”
“I was walking in 3 weeks and have experienced decreasing pain. I am 78 years old and didn’t think that my surgery would have this degree of sucess. Dr. Ozgur is magic!”
“Dr. Ozgur and his staff are great. Every question and concern was answered by Dr. Ozgur and his staff. I was treated with respect and courtesy.”
“Caring, patient, and a great bedside manner! Dr. Ozgur relieved my back pain, along with numbness in my knees caused by my bulging disc and spinal stenosis. Thank you Dr. Ozgur!”
“Dr. Ozgur was confident, calm & very positive about the surgery. From the first visit to the last it was a smooth, perfect & excellent experience.”
“From our first meeting I felt Dr. Ozgur proposed a less invasive procedure to correct years of leg pains emanating from my lumbar area of my back. I asked about success rate. The 90% + answer and never worse was a convincing reply. Friends associated with Hoag Hospital think highly of the doctor, as did all staff with whom I spoke. After the surgery recovery was almost immediate with walking and stair climbing achieved within 24 hours. Dr. Ozgur was an attentive visitor in my hospital stay. Upon leaving the hospital I never needed pain medicine and quickly progressed to therapy so that physical activity is now fun again. Goodbye Epidurals.”
“Dr. (Todd) Peters did a really good job, and the recovery is actually faster than (a torn) ACL,” he said. “She (Claudia) was skiing soon after.”
Daniel, father of Claudia
“Exceeded my expectations. Dr. Ozgur and the anesthesiologist were clear about explaining the procedures and answered any concerns that I had. I’m thrilled to be pain free after 18 years and after only 3 weeks!”
“I had a C5-C6 cervical discectomy. I went to Dr. Ozgur as a second opinion, and I’m glad I did! His surgical methods are the very latest, which will make a big difference in your life. His bedside manner is excellent. I highly recommend Dr. Ozgur.”
“It’s been exactly one month since my fusion surgery to my cervical 5/6 and 6/7 vertebrae and every symptom I was having prior to the surgery is gone. I am very confident I chose the right surgeon, and look forward to playing more golf in the not too distant future.”
“Dr. Ozgur was exceptionally professional and extremely intelligent in his approach to diagnosing my condition, recommending appropriate treatment, and in performing the surgery. Dr. Ozgur explained in detail what to expect in the procedure and post-op. He was spot-on. I would recommend Dr. Ozgur to anyone having spinal issues.”
“I don’t know how to tell my story because everyone’s back pain is different. I suffered for a long time and spent a lot of money on alternative medicine until I could not tolerate the pain anymore. Several doctors from HOAG, Newport Beach, and even UCI Hospital referred me to Dr. Ozgur. I felt like I was dealing with a friend not just a doctor. I was in and out of HOAG in one morning and now have my life back. Dr. Ozgur is very professional. I would recommend him to anyone with back problems and I have done that already. Thanks again for giving me my life back!”
I have had a wonderful experience with Dr. Ozgur and his staff. He fully understood my problem and changed my life by getting rid of my excruciating leg pain. He is truly a superb surgeon and professional.