Absolutely THE BEST spine surgeon around. My oldest son at 16 consulted Dr. Ozgur four years ago for disc herniation issues. We were advised to try every conservative route possible which we did but after 4 continuous years of pain and degeneration Dr. Ozgur felt it was time to do disc fusion. I can not tell you how absolutely terrific the surgery went with minimal pain and discomfort for my son. He was up and walking after having three discs fused three hours after surgery. One week later and we are almost 100 percent. Dr. Ozgur and his staff are absolute God sent! My sons pain that he felt on a daily basis is GONE Thank you Dr ozgur! Would NEVER consider another surgeon. Dr . Ozgur IS THE BEST. If you are suffering and are considering back surgery this is your doc

I am a musician, and When I came to Dr Ozgur my left hand had stopped working. I was shocked, and wondered if I would ever be able to play my guitar again. They found I needed a cervical spine fusion, which was performed over two days and went off flawlessly. My thanks to Dr Ozgur for excellent surgery, to Jordan for being there in recovery, and the rest of the staff for their caring attitude. After a very successful set of surgeries I am able to play my guitar and perform again with no problems.God knew I needed a superior surgeon, and that’s why I got you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Danny Wilson

Thank you, Dr Ozgur, Jordan and Yulia a million times! I would recommend this team to anyone having any kind of back pain. I had severe spinal stenosis at L3/L4 and L4/L5. I was constantly in pain, always looking for somewhere to sit down or lean on. Over the last 5 years my back pain has progressed rapidly and over the last 6 months it got to the point where I couldn’t even walk 30′. I was on so much pain medication, nerve pain medication and muscle relaxers. I waited until the pain got unbearable, finally I made the decision to see Dr Ozgur and to consider going through with back surgery. I I’m a 51-year-old that is very active. I had done the pain management thing for years.

I went to my 1st visit and saw his PA Jordan, who is amazing and she sent me to have a current MRI. Well my MRI came back worse than it was a year ago. After I had the MRI, I had my follow up appt to see Dr Ozgur. I walked in with my long list of questions. Before I could ask Dr Ozgur answered all of my questions, it was like he was in my head, answering my question before I could even ask it. By the time he was done talking to me I had no questions left on my list to ask him. It brought me to tears when he told me he could help me.
Doctor and his staff are dedicated, kind, compassionate, diligent. The way they take care of you too is so hard to find these days.

I knew I was in the right place and I knew he was going to be my surgeon when I left that appointment. He Is so confident, without being cocky and his voice, the way he talks is so reassuring, calming. Doctor has this demeanor that is amazing. The way he talks makes you feel so comfortable.

2 weeks later I had surgery and I have never had surgery in my life and had never been in the hospital except for the birth of my son. Within a few hours after surgery I was up walking around the halls of the hospital had a couple meals and went home that evening. The next 2 days after the surgery were tough but I made it through because of his staff, they walked me through it, held my hand and were always just a phone call away. Jordon talked to me whenever I needed something or even just to listen and reassure me. I was at a loss for words. Their empathy, caring and compassion showed in everything they did for me. Anytime I asked for something it was done. It’s been 6 weeks since my surgery, my back and leg pains are completely gone and I’m off all the medication I was taking. I have a life again, I can walk on the beach again, I can just walk AGAIN!!!!! Thank you so much for giving me my life back. After my surgery when I was walking around through the hall at the hospital, one of the nurses ask me who my surgeon was? I told her Dr Ozgur, and she replied, “oh yeah I already knew that all of his patients recover faster and go home earlier than any other doctor.” So please don’t wait as long as I did, don’t wait until the pain is unbearable, make an appointment and go talk to him and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

Thank you again, Dr Ozgur you are my SUPERHERO!!!!!!

Ann Walker

Thank You… Surgical “DREAM TEAM SUPREME”…that is what I am calling Dr. Ozgur, Jordan (Dr. Ozgur’s PA), Yulia (scheduler and coordinator), and Dr. Brian Cauley (anesthesiologist). It has only been 3 weeks to the day that I had my extensive surgery and I feel GREAT! Ready to begin my first physical therapy session next week.

I had suffered with debilitating back pain that truly ended up impairing my daily living and exhausted all of the non-surgical options before my surgery consultation…(injections, physical therapy, pain management…)

After much in-depth research, I telephoned Dr. Ozgur’s office and spoke with Yulia. Her efficient, pleasant manner was so welcoming and thank goodness she scheduled a consultation with Dr. Ozgur and Jordan.

Dr. Ozgur and Jordan had reviewed the detailed information I brought them from my past history and failed attempts… and proceeded to give a detailed explanation of what surgical procedures they thought would help me and most importantly WHY based on my MRI and X-rays. Their calming demeanor, detailed explanation and justification of the surgical process, along with their history of success and confidence gave me such a sense of TRUST. Anyone facing any surgery knows the intrinsic value of trust in the surgical team.

Thank goodness I feel my life getting back to normal- all due to the Surgical “DREAM TEAM SUPREME”….

Medical issues are not fun to deal with. However if they arise, having a superior practitioner such as Dr. Ozgur makes the experience much easier. His calming influence, obvious expertise and his staff made my experience and outcome more than I expected. The months of evaluation and the eventual minimally invasive surgery on my spine resulted in the full elimination of severe symptoms of pain and numbness immediately upon surgery completion. Further comment is redundant except to say I could not have wished for more. Spouse. About a year ago my husband seemed to be heading to a walker or a wheelchair. Dr. Ozgur initiated evaluations and subsequent treatment for spinal stenosis that culminated in minimally invasive surgery on his spine. The results are stunning. All pain and numbness were gone immediately. There are no words to describe the regard we have for Dr. Ozgur and his very competent staff, and the appreciation we have for his professionalism and caring manner.

After months of pain management without success, it was a relief to see Dr. Ozgur for my husband’s back. He was amazing. He took the time to give a good explanation of the problem and the solution. We were able to schedule surgery right way since my husband could barely walk and could not sit. His office is great – returning calls right away – Yulia was so receptive when we had questions. I highly recommend this office.

My wife was recommended to Dr. Ozgur for a spinal issue, and ended up undergoing surgery with him to correct. We found him to be be very competent, and he spent the time needed to figure out her difficult case. Dr. Ozgur had a great bedside manner, and his whole team was skilled and helpful – which made a difficult situation into a much more tolerable experience. Everyone was very careful and kept things in order, double checked everything, and made us feel well taken care of. We were impressed throughout the process of coming in as a new patient, to receiving and understanding a course of action, to the surgery itself. The surgery went well, during which Dr. Ozgur found an additional issue and corrected it within the same surgery (so no need to go through it all again!). Two weeks after the surgery, my wife is recovering quickly and feeling so much better. We are very happy with the results, and would highly recommend Dr. Ozgur.

Dr. Ozgur and his staff are my heroes. I had a severe herniated disc that ultimately fractured a section off that was floating around against my sciatic nerve. Needless to say, my PCP had me in a continuous (and unhelpful) cycle of x-rays, PT, and drugs. After a few years of this I finally escalated by demanding a MRI as this last episode had me laying on the ground (even at work) for months. I could not sit and I could barely walk. Long story short I was referred to Dr. Ozgur immediately. The initial consultation was very promising as Dr. Ozgur and his SA were confident my L5-S1 disc fracture could be extracted and that area tidied up. The team at One Brain & Spine (and especially Yulia) pushed me through to surgery within that very same week due to my pain level. I woke up after surgery (without pain) and was able to walk out of the hospital and SIT down to a dinner with my wife on the way home. First time in a long time. Life has been great since. Thank you guys!

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