Brain Surgery and Spine Surgery in Irvine

ONE® Brain & Spine Center® specializes in Brain Surgery and Spine Surgery in Irvine

ONE® Brain & Spine Center® specializes in minimally invasive Brain Surgery and Spine Surgery in Irvine using keyhole approaches that provide enhanced safety, post-operative comfort for patients, and improved cure rates while reducing trauma, complications, hospital stay, and post-operative recovery time. Our award-winning irvine neurosurgeon Robert Louis MD, who is highly trained and experienced, specializes in treating brain tumors, pituitary tumors and lesions using keyhole techniques and conventional craniotomy.

Endoscopically assisted approaches in brain surgery allow access to intricate and delicate regions of the brain, the brain stem and vascular structures. Using small incisions and small cranial openings, tumors or lesions are accessed, drained or removed. This approach limits the amount of manipulation and navigation of normal brain tissues. Keyhole approaches allow direct access to deep lesions of the brain and skull base without having to expose the brain. These minimally invasive, advanced and sophisticated surgical techniques, along with advanced micro dissecting instruments, has enhanced safety, decreased post-operative discomfort or trauma and improved overall patient outcomes.

Types Keyhole Approaches

Endoscopic Endonasal Approach »
Retromastoid Approach »
Supraorbital Eyebrow Craniotomy »

General Benefits of Minimally Invasive Keyhole Approaches

  • Minimal incisions
  • Minimal scarring
  • Less trauma to the brain and nerves
  • Fewer side effects
  • Shorter post-operative recovery time
  • Improved quality of life

Brain and Spine Surgeon in Irvine

ONE® Brain & Spine Center®’s Brain Surgery in Irvine is headed by Robert Louis, MD, your Brain Surgeon in Irvine, who works with a team of care providers and administrative staff to ensure optimal patient experience. We welcome any questions you might have about our Brain Surgery program.

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