Cervical and Lumbar Kyphoplasty

Cervical and Lumbar Kyphoplasty in Southern California

A compression fracture can be extremely painful and the loss in vertebral height can cause the patient to lose height and stoop forward due to the instability in the vertebral spine.
Compression fractures can be caused by a variety of factors, but osteoporosis is by far the most common. As osteoporosis weakens the vertebrae and causes them to become porous, they lose strength and stability and are at a higher risk for a collapse, or compression fracture. For patients with osteoporosis, these fractures can occur with something as small as a stumble or a sneeze. Compression fractures can also be caused by a major impact, such as a car accident, or a fall.
The goal of cervical and lumbar kyphoplasty is to utilize medical grade cement to form a instant “cast” and restore vertebral height while stabilizing and strengthening the same area. This procedure can be performed at the cervical and lumbar level, depending on where exactly the compression fracture has occurred.
A kyphoplasty can be performed under full general anesthesia, or while the patient is under “twilight sedation” which means they will be groggy, but still awake.
The surgeon will utilize real-time imaging technology to ensure that the procedure is performed in the correct area. After making an incision, the surgeon will insert a tube into the area of the compression fracture. A special surgical balloon is then inserted through the tube and slowly inflated to restore the appropriate height between vertebrae. Once appropriate height has been achieved, the surgeon will fill the space with a medical grade cement, which will harden and create an internal cast to stabilize the vertebrae, restore height, and relieve chronic back pain.
Kyphoplasty is extremely minimally invasive in that not only is the incision extremely small and no major muscles or soft tissue are damaged, but the recovery and rehabilitation time is very minimal. Generally, kyphoplasty patients are back to their normal activities within a day or two.
Following kyphoplasty, the surgeon will discuss any postsurgical concerns or restrictions, and will discuss ways to avoid additional spinal compression fractures.
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Key Terms:
Cervical: the upper portion of the spine, the neck
Lumbar: the lower portion of the spine, the low back
Kyphoplasty: minimally invasive procedure to restore vertebral height following a compression fracture
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