We perform surgery in the only hospital in the West Coast which has both the Globus Robot and the 7D Navigation System for spine surgery.

Computer assisted spine surgery has become a much more standard procedure in the last several years due to the advancements in both computer and laser technology. At ONE® Brain & Spine Center®, we use computer assisted spine surgery in treating various spine conditions.

Computer assisted spine surgery is the ultimate champion in minimally invasive procedures due to the fact that surgeries can be quicker and more precise, offering reduced healing and recovery times, and far less postoperative pain. Additionally, depending on the procedure, computer assisted spine surgery may be performed on an outpatient basis, reducing the time spent recovering in a hospital bed.

Standard, traditional spine surgery typically requires a large incision, cutting through muscle and tissue, along with a higher risk of bleeding, scarring, and internal scar tissue.

Computer assisted spine surgery includes images displayed in real time on a computer screen, offering the surgeon a high-level, detailed view that would otherwise be unobtainable with a scalpel and the naked eye.

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