Computer Assisted Spine Surgery

Computer Assisted Spine Surgery in Southern California performed by ONE® Brain & Spine Center®

Computer assisted spine surgery has become a much more standard procedure in the last several years due to the advancements in both computer and laser technology at ONE® Brain & Spine Center®, we use computer assisted spine surgery in treating various spine conditions.
Computer assisted spine surgery is the ultimate in minimally invasive procedures due to the fact that surgeries can be quicker, more precise, and thereby offer reduced healing and recovery times, and far less post-operative pain. Additionally, depending on the procedure, computer assisted spine surgery may be performed on an outpatient basis, reducing the time spent recovering in a hospital bed.
Standard, traditional spine surgery often requires a large incision, cutting through muscle and tissue, and a higher risk of bleeding, scarring, and internal scar tissue.
Computer assisted spine surgery includes images displayed in real time on a computer screen, offering the surgeon a high-level, detailed view that would otherwise be unobtainable with a scalpel and the naked eye. The surgeon may also utilize O-arm technology, which is a multi-dimensional, real-time, intraoperative imaging platform that provides the most precise surgical imaging.
A small incision will be made at the site of surgery, whether the back or neck. The surgeon will then insert a small camera into the incision, which relays the imaging information in real-time onto the computer screen. The surgeon will then utilize specialized tools and surgical instruments to complete the surgery.
Computer assisted spine surgery can be an option for several spine surgery procedures, including removal of damaged vertebral discs (discectomy), facet thermal ablation, laminotomy, and foraminotomy.
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