Posterior Cervical Fusion with Instrumentation

ONE® Brain & Spine Center® of Southern California performs Posterior Cervical Fusion with Instrumentation

ONE® Brain & Spine Center® uses posterior cervical fusion with instrumentation in the treatment of cervical fracture or instability. Cervical fusions may also be recommended for other spinal conditions, including spinal stenosis, degenerative disc disease, disc herniations or bulges, spondylosis, deformity or spinal tumors. The goal of posterior cervical fusion with instrumentation is to reduce or eliminate neck pain, referred arm and hand pain, and stabilize the neck and spine.
Posterior cervical fusions are performed under general anesthesia and while the patient is lying face down. The surgeon will make an incision along the back of the neck to access the spine.
Depending on the exact cause of the patient’s pain, removal of bone spurs (foraminotomy) or removal of some of the vertebral bone (laminectomy) may be performed to relieve pressure or compression of spinal nerves. If the cause of a patient’s pain is due to disc damage, a discectomy also may be performed to remove the damaged portions of the disc that are placing pressure on the nerves of the spine.
The surgeon will then place medical grade metal plate and screws to stabilize the cervical spine. If necessary, a bone graft will also be taken from the patient and placed in the cervical spine to further stabilize and strengthen the bones of the upper spine. The instrumentation and bone graft will eventually fuse with the other bones of the spine over a course of months.
The surgeon will discuss all post-operative care, which may include bracing, physical therapy, occupational therapy, and low impact exercise.
The surgeons at ONE Brain and Spine Center combine their knowledge and experience with state-of-the-art technology to help reduce surgical pain. If you live in Irvine or a surrounding California area, call and schedule an appointment to learn more about our treatment options.
Key Terms:
Cervical: the upper portion of the spine, the neck
Fusion: to join together two or more vertebrae
Posterior: the back of the body
Instrumentation: medical grade hardware (plates, screws)

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